Does My Car Need Synthetic Oil?

The answer is simple: if your owner’s manual says your vehicle requires full-synthetic oil, then you MUST use it. As for older engines that do not require full synthetic oil, we find that full synthetic oil has many advantages, which are listed below.


  • Synthetic oil lubricates better.
  • It makes engines last longer.
  • Improves gas mileage.
  • It requires fewer oil changes.

A high number of people say you can go nearly twice as long between oil changes with synthetic. Compared to standard motor oil, synthetic oil takes longer to break down, can withstand higher temperatures, and can flow easier in cold temperatures.

The advantages of synthetic base oils are thanks to the extreme cleanliness and consistency of the molecular structure achieved in the processing. Conventional base oils are typically only lightly refined, with not all of the inherent impurities (waxes, sulfur, etc.) removed from the petroleum. Instead of being simply refined, the crude for synthetic oil is engineered to produce a uniform molecular structure that offers superior lubrication.


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In the month of April, you get a FREE air filter with every synthetic oil service. Also, included with every vehicle we repair, we offer a fluid check & top off, tire pressure check & correction, and a bulb check at NO EXTRA COST.

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Synthetic Oil VS. Conventional Oil?

Most people know that synthetic motor oils typically perform better than conventional motor oils in providing protection for your vehicle, but they might not know why. What’s the real difference between synthetic and conventional oil, are there any benefits?

In a nutshell, synthetic oil is thinner, resists temperature extremes better and generally lasts longer. You likely won’t notice any difference in how your car performs, but the durability characteristic is the most important from a car owner’s perspective, as it translates to less frequent oil changes compared to conventional motor oil.  Synthetic oil has the highest levels of lubrication and engine protection, generally offering better protection at start-up, better cleansing qualities, enhanced durability and better protection against heat buildup.

Here is a little bit of the science behind it: Base oil makes up nearly 80% of a motor oil formulation, and additives make up the remaining nearly 20%. The chemically engineered molecules in synthetic base oil have more uniform properties, while the molecules found in conventional base oil differ in shape and levels of impurity.

No wonder why nearly 70% of new cars today use synthetic motor oil to help maintain performance. Check your owner’s manual to determine whether your vehicle requires synthetic or conventional oil.

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Changing Your Oil Matters!

Changing the oil in your car is one of the most important things that must be done to ensure adequate maintenance of your vehicle.

Oil is essential to prevent wear of internal engine parts. This helps the engine run smoothly and last longer, optimizing performance.Your vehicle’s oil has a certain percentage of maximum tolerance of impurities and moisture to function properly as a lubricant. The normal engine operation creates these impurities, it is for this reason why the oil should be changed every certain period of time / mileage (for moisture accumulation).

All of the moving parts in your car are made of various metals and move mechanically. Because of this, it is important to keep them lubed properly so that wear and tear is kept to a minimum, which is where proper oil is essential. As the oil moves through the engine while your car runs, it has a tendency to pick up particles of dirt and residue. Clean oil (without the residue) moves smoothly, while dirty oil has the capability of clogging up small passages.

This is why changing your vehicle’s oil on a regular basis is so important. If you don’t think you have the time or money to get your oil changed and you choose to wait, eventually the oil will get worse, becoming more like sludge and clog your engine. Engines are expensive to clean, and replacing a worn-out piston is not an auto repair bill you want to receive. Bottom line: It’s worth the time and minimal cost of maintenance!

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