3 Signs You Need a BRAKE Inspection

Brake Inspection

Paying attention to the warning signs that indicate a need for service can mean the difference between life and death on the road. Neglecting your braking system can lead to increased repair costs, or worse, no brakes at all. Fortunately, paying attention to some of the signs of brake wear can keep you on top of stopping maintenance, saving you some money and keeping you from having an accident!

How do you know when it’s time for a Brake Inspection? Your vehicle will usually tell you. Here are three important things to watch for:

1. Grinding: When you hear a noise from your car as you apply your brakes, such as scraping, grinding, or any other noise that is abnormal, you should immediately check your brakes for worn shoes or pads. Typically first sign of brake-pad wear is a high-pitched squealing. This sound may come from a soft-metal wear indicator that rubs against the brake rotor to alert the driver that a change of brake pads is needed. A metallic grinding sound means that brake pads may be damaging the brake rotors.

2. Vibration: Brake vibration is where a shaking motion occurs when the brakes in a car or other vehicle are deployed. This can vary from a slight shaking to a quite severe shuddering, depending on the severity of the condition. It can also be known as rotor shimmying or brake pulsation. Vibrating brakes indicate the surface of your rotors may be distorted. This issue may also be caused by worn suspension components, worn bushings, or bad shock absorbers.

3. Pulling: Your brakes should apply themselves smoothly and even when you push the pedal. If they seem to suddenly grab, or if they are pulling the car to one side, possible causes may be: Worn of Bad Brake Pads, or Bad Brake Disc.

If your car is having braking problems, whether it’s weak brakes, a vibration, grinding sounds, or a weird noise, it needs to be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle to Royal Motors and let our technicians correct the problem.  Your safety is too important to take chances with.

Included with every vehicle we repair, we offer a fluid check & top off, tire pressure check & correction, and a bulb check at NO EXTRA COST.